About SPECTRO Productions

Since childhood Diederik Schoorl (1980) has had an affinity and fascination with technology. After graduating high school he soon came into contact with the world of technical theatre, where he discovered his passion for the union of art and technology. As an autodidact he began combining his unbridled curiosity for materials with his expertise in electronics to build decor with intrinsic roots in the realms of technology. His passion for the art of making has led him to explore the fields of robotics, coding, 3D printing, surveillance technology and sensors, and the development of interactive operating systems for immersive installations.

While active as a theatre, light and video technician Diederik also works in a multitude of technical and artistic disciplines. For the last couple of years he has been focused primarily on systems development and technical support for projects in the creative industries. Diederik combines his experience in many fields of performance and live arts with a broad knowledge of technology and operating systems. He has an innate understanding of how the dramaturgy of a space is experienced through its technical systems.

Spectro Productions, schakel tussen kunst en techniek!


Electronic Artistry

While Diederik does not call himself an artist, there is a unique artistry in the breadth and precision of his practice. He has exhibited his own work in the Sugar Factory and the Ziggo Dome. His recent collaborations include; Duet with Joris Strijbos, Nicky Assmann’s Radiant, Frank Plant’s Trojan Unicorn and his latest site-specific Drawings in Steel for the University of Wageningen, Matthias Oostrik’s plplpl.pl and Mutual Wave Machine 1 & 2, which were supported by the Marina Abramovic Institute. His latest collaboration with Annette Hilderbrand created two interactive light costumes which enable the wearer to interact with light in public space through the stand alone GPS operating system Diederik created. These were recently awarded the prize for best Techno Art and the Public Prize at the 2016 Holland Wearable Art Awards.